The 6 Best Digital Pianos

Digital pianos offer a lot of convenient features for anyone who loves to play the instrument. It is perfect for beginners, intermediate students, and also for pros. It is not as expensive as an acoustic piano but it gives you the same feel under your fingertips as you play the keys. Here, let’s get to know digital pianos more.

You may be thinking about getting yourself a piano so that you can spend more time practicing your pieces. However, there are so many options today when it comes to piano varieties. Are you looking to get an acoustic piano, a digital piano, or a keyboard? Before you decide, it is best that you know the differences between these three instruments.

When it comes to the sound quality, the digital piano outperforms the electronic keyboard. This is because the digital pianos usually have speakers built into them. However, with this feature comes added weight so this may affect its portability as compared to the electronic keyboard. Another feature about the digital pianos is that they have weighted keys that give you that feeling as if you are playing an acoustic piano.

Many digital pianos also have in them a MIDI output. With this output, you can connect your digital piano to your computer using an interface. You can then record and then edit your piece as well as add parts. You can control other instruments as well.

When you play an electronic keyboard, you may notice that its keys are easier to press and also a bit smaller compared to acoustic pianos. For pianists that are used to playing acoustic pianos, it may take some time to get used to such keys.

The main reason why the acoustic piano keys are heavier is because they have to trigger the hammer which hits the string that creates the sound. With keyboards, this is not necessary for it to produce sounds.

Because the electronic keyboard’s keys are smaller and lighter, it is more ideal for children to use. Digital pianos are perfect for those who want to know how to play acoustic pianos because the keys are weighted and provide the same play-feel.

Top 6 Best Digital Pianos

Yamaha P115

Yamaha is a top-notch producer of musical instruments. You can expect only the best from them. With Yamaha P115, you can play as though you are playing a genuine acoustic piano with its fully-weighted keys. Its price is also reasonable for beginner or intermediate students who want to learn how to play an acoustic piano.

Roland FP30

Roland is among the best makers of digital pianos. The Roland FP 30 is one of their best instruments. It has weighted keys for superb play-feel and excellent performance. Its modern features are also something that you will love. It is portable and light, making it easy for you to transport from gig to gig.

Korg Minilogue

Perfect for musicians who like to create various types of music, this polysynth from Korg will definitely satisfy. It has a lot of features that allow you extend the possibilities of what this instrument can do. For its price, quality, features, and performance, the Korg Minilogue is absolutely a good buy for any musician.

Korg B1

Korg provides very affordable digital pianos that have great quality. The Korg B1 is an excellent digital piano to have. It is perfect for those who want to learn how to play the instrument but don’t want to spend a fortune for one. It can provide sufficient features that will help you in creating your musical pieces

Roland RD 2000

The Roland RD 2000 has advanced controller features, premium action, as well as two sound engines. You will get unmatched performance wherever and whenever you play. It is great for home, studio, and stage use. Korg has designed this digital piano to have evolved technologies and modern conveniences for any musician.

Roland FA 06

This music workstation from Roland has an integrated sequencer that you can easily operate. It offers non-stop loop recording and you can conveniently export tracks which you can develop using your DAW. The keyboards of the Roland FA 06 are velocity-sensitive and have synth action. It is truly an exciting piece of instrument.

What to be careful about when buying a digital piano

Now that you know the main differences between digital pianos and some of the other piano varieties, you can decide better on which one you are going to get. If you do decide to go with a digital piano, we can take a look at the features you should watch out for when shopping for one.


Convenience and portability

Digital pianos are light and compact compared to their acoustic counterparts. Even the console models that have cabinets that resemble those of a traditional piano weigh much less compared to a real one. Most of the digital piano models can be disassembled so you can store them. For digital pianos for stage performances, you can expect that they can fit easily in your vehicle whenever and wherever you need to travel for a gig.


With digital pianos, the cost of purchasing one is less as compared to getting an acoustic piano. As for maintenance, you may only have to dust your instrument regularly. Compare that with acoustic pianos that need to be tuned every now and then, which is a service that is quite costly.

Versatility and volume

The volume of the acoustic piano depends on how hard you press on the keys. With digital pianos, you can control the volume easily. You can even use your headphones as you practice so you won’t disturb other members of your household. Digital pianos also have extensive sound sets built in them so you can just add brass, woodwinds, percussion, and drums as you play.

The best brands

There are plenty of companies that manufacture digital pianos. It is important that you get a digital piano from a maker with impeccable reputation in providing high-quality musical instruments. Nowadays, the task of checking a brand is easy. You can just check the reviews online and read about other people’s experiences about a particular musical instrument from that maker. Let us share with you three of the best brands when it comes to digital pianos.


Roland is one of the few trusted and reliable brands when it comes to musical instruments. Roland digital pianos are famous for being stylish, sturdy, and great-sounding. The company is top-notch in terms of creating digital pianos that produce magnificent sound. The features that their digital pianos have are also extensive. Roland is able to create instruments that do not only have great features and nice play-feel, the makers made sure that the sound you will get from their instruments are perfect.


Everyone knows Yamaha has been making excellent musical instruments for years. The quality of their digital pianos never falters; it just gets better and better as new technologies become available. Yamaha has perfected making the keys of their digital pianos feel as though you are playing the real thing. Acoustic pianos can be very expensive. If you want to learn how to play one without leaving a hole in your wallet, go for a Yamaha digital piano. They are great for home, studio, and stage performance playing.


Korg is another top producer of digital pianos. The best thing about their instruments is that although they are very affordable, the quality is not compromised. Korg makes sure that you still get a good instrument with adequate features so you can still make amazing music. Korg is very suitable for those who are just starting to learn. It is not expensive, it has just the right features, and the interface is simple and easy to get familiar with. It is definitely a good digital piano to consider.

Wrapping things up

To learn how to play the piano effectively, you need to have the right instrument that can give you that perfect combination of sound, depth, and character. It’s a good thing that we have digital pianos nowadays that are much more affordable compared to a genuine acoustic piano. This gives almost everyone the opportunity to learn how to play beautifully with this instrument.

The added features that digital pianos provide will make you want to play for hours on end. Learning to play as well as creating your own music is made so much easier with digital pianos since you can connect them to your computer where you can record and edit your pieces. Once you have a digital piano, you have no more excuse not to produce truly wonderful pieces of music.