Digital piano: Casio VS Yamaha

If you are planning to buy a digital piano but don’t know which brand to choose, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll help you decide between digital piano Casio vs Yamaha. These two brands are excellent. They have been producing reliable musical instruments that are affordable. However, there are some slight differences between what each of these digital piano brands can offer you.

Casio PX150

This digital piano from Casio has tri-sensor scaled hammer action. There are three sensitivity settings that you can adjust to make the keys feel heavier or lighter. It all depends on your preference. You can read plenty of positive reviews about this feature of the Casio digital piano. You probably won’t find a negative comment about it anywhere. This feature is loved by many musicians.

digital piano casio vs yamaha

Yamaha P115

With Yamaha, their digital pianos have a four-level touch sensitivity. It is connected to keys with Graded Hammer Action. In short, Yamaha made sure that when you play their digital pianos, you will feel as if you are playing an actual acoustic piano. This feature is perfect if you are trying to learn to play the acoustic piano but don’t want to spend so much for one. The P115 from Yamaha is a great digital piano to start with, and you can find out more about it by reading our full Yamaha P115 review.

digital piano casio vs yamaha


Both of these digital piano brands have a lot to offer. They both have a standard sustain pedal as well as an optional three-pedal kit. With Casio, there is only one headphone jack though. Compared to Yamaha which has two, then it is only half as good. This two-headphone jack feature comes in handy if you are playing and another person would want to listen to you play. You can hand him or her another pair of headphones apart from what you are already wearing.

The Casio and Yamaha digital pianos both have USB connectivity. This is great for your uploading and downloading needs. When it comes warranties, Casio can offer you a one-year warranty on labor and parts while Yamaha can offer three. You get warranties if you buy from an authorized dealer such as and other stores. Be sure to check on that.

Wrapping it up

If you like working on your computer to listen to playbacks or layer tracks, the Casio digital piano has all the features that can make the job easier for you. But if you like playing your digital piano with your band or for your family, and feel the weight of the keys as if you are playing an acoustic piano, then the Yamaha digital piano is a great choice. Both are good digital pianos. It all depends on your preferences and musical style.

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