Digital piano: Roland VS Yamaha

If you are thinking about getting a keyboard workstation or a digital piano, this article is perfect for you. Here, we will discuss digital piano Roland vs Yamaha. Specifically, we will look at the Roland FA 06 and the Yamaha P115. Get to know these instruments so that you can better understand which among the two suits your musical preferences best.

Roland FA 06

Nothing beats the flexibility that a keyboard workstation like the Roland FA 06 can offer. There are so many sounds, tones, and effects to choose from. Making music has never been this easy. The sounds that the FA 06 can produce ranges from piano, organ, to bass, and pads. You can write a full song with just this instrument.

digital piano roland vs yamaha

It is very easy and convenient to use. Roland made sure that the design of this keyboard workstation will help you make the job of creating music so much easier. The FA 06 is also very light and portable. You can take it with you from gig to gig as you perform for your live audiences. You can also check out our comprehensive Roland FA 06 review for more info.

Yamaha P115

The Yamaha P115 is like having your own acoustic piano but with more features. The main advantage of getting this digital piano is that you can learn how to play an acoustic piano without having to spend a lot of money for one. The keys of the P115 are fully weighted so it will feel as if you are playing a real acoustic piano.

digital piano roland vs yamaha

The P115 can be quite heavy so it is not very ideal for transporting. However, it will sit beautifully in your music station, and you can be sure that it will produce excellent music as you play. You can expect only the best from this Yamaha digital piano since it was designed after a concert grand piano. Playing with the P115 will be magnificent. For more infomation, take a look at our Yamaha P115 review.

Wrapping it up

These two are similar in the sense that both Roland and Yamaha have the reputation of producing high-quality musical instruments. At the same time, these two models we have discussed above are also very different from one another as they have their own specific features and advantages.

If you like the flexibility and the wide range of sounds that a keyboard workstation can offer, go for the Roland FA 06. If you like the feeling of playing a real acoustic piano plus some additional features and conveniences of a digital piano, then the Yamaha P115 is a great option.

It really depends on your musical style as well as your preferences. Once you get to know the kind of music that you want to create, choosing between the two will become an easier task.

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