Korg B1 Review

Korg is known to produce high-quality but inexpensive digital pianos. If you want to learn how to play but still not sure if you can commit 100%, spending money on a pricey digital piano that you are not sure you will love may not be the way to go. If you are still learning, you can start with the Korg B1 which has a friendly price and enough features for you to explore. Let’s delve deeper into the details of this instrument with this Korg B1 review. You’ll also see why it’s on the list of best digital pianos.

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korg b1 review


The B1 is a compact instrument that has adequate key features that any piano player will love. Its controls are simple and uncomplicated. You will easily get familiar with this digital piano. When you purchase this model, know that it won’t come with a stand. In a way, that’s a good thing because then, you can get a stand that you can seamlessly integrate into the design of your home.

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To give you those rich tones just like the ones you get when you play an acoustic piano, B1 has servo-assisted MFB technology, a passive radiator, and full-range speakers. It also has sampling technology, creating that vibrant tone similar to an acoustic piano. Compared to other Korg models, the B1 has more expressive tonal range. Reproduction of sympathetic string vibrations, as well as damper resonances, can be expected of it.

korg b1 piano review

Just like a genuine piano, the keys are heavier in the instrument’s lower registers and then becomes lighter in the upper registers. What you will like about this digital piano is that it has very little to no noise when you play the keys. Most of the cheap digital pianos have this problem because of the plastic keys. This detail is quite important if you want a proper experience when it comes to playing the piano.

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You won’t find issues with the Korg B1 with the keys not feeling authentic enough or your fingers slipping. When you touch the keyboard, it will have that weight just like a genuine piano. Apart from that, you can adjust the weight from heavy to normal, or light. It all depends on your preference.


The Korg B1’s body is modern and sleek. It only weighs around 26 pounds. Transporting this instrument will be easy. Although the B1 is not really designed for musical performances, it is a good instrument that you can bring from lesson to lesson. It is lightweight and portable.

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As for the depth of the B1, it is only under 13 inches which makes placing it easy. When you purchase this unit, there is a pedal included for sustain. It is stable and will feel good under your foot. You also have the option to get a three-pedal unit. Do know that this is sold separately.


The Korg B1 has an MFB or Motional Feedback technology. This feature gives you a really good sound quality. It works by making use of the built-in speaker system and combines it with the MFB technology. And then there are cones being which the active servo system controls. With this, low frequencies can be reproduced and you will have little to no issue with distortion.

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korg b1

When playing the B1 digital piano, the instrument’s speaker cons move which helps the speaker chamber to return to the amp. This is a unique feature of B1. This technology brings frequency responses that are accurate. It also corrects the sound depending on the room’s acoustics. You will love the fact that even for a beginner’s piano, Korg has included this feature.

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If you are learning with a teacher or if you are teaching a beginner, there is a Partner Mode that you can turn on. The keyboard will be divided into two where there are two Cs in the middle. With this mode, it is much easier for the students to copy the teacher or even play duets. This is a very helpful feature because learning will become quicker as compared to switching places now and then. This can also be used in the classroom setting since two students can use the B1 at the same time.


As for the sound, just like other digital pianos, the B1 has the basic sounds that you can expect. It has eight sounds which include two organs, a harpsichord, two electric pianos, and three acoustic pianos. Of course, some would think that string instruments should have been included so that you get that added depth to your pieces. Nonetheless, the B1 is everything that a beginner pianist can ask for.

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Each of the three acoustic piano sounds is pleasant-sounding. The notes you play flow together nicely. You can appreciate the organ voices better at the lower register. If you want to play with this sound, you can try some pieces there. When you try the harpsichord sound, it will be crisp although you may find it slightly piercing. At its extremes, be it too high or too low, the sound you get may be somewhat fuzzy.


Dimensions: 51.6×13.2×4.6 inches
Weight: 26 lbs.

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Has weighted keys that are adjustable
MFB servo technology sound system
Onboard chorus and reverb effects


Does not have a stand included
Music support may feel flimsy
Limited sounds from different musical instruments

Wrapping it up

When it comes to digital pianos, the Korg B1 is perfect for those who want to learn how to play the instrument. It is also great for music teachers for teaching their students, especially with the Partner Mode feature where both student and teacher can play at the same time. Learning becomes fun and easy.

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If you compare the Korg B1 to similar models of other brands, you will see that they almost have the same features but it is not as expensive. The features are sufficient for those who are just learning how to play. The B1 is a reliable instrument that you can practice on for hours. It is certainly not pricey but Korg made sure that you get a good quality instrument with the B1.

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