Korg Minilogue Review

Korg is one of the top manufacturers of synths. The Korg Minilogue is one of their best models today. It has a swept control panel along with a very stylish look. It is a distinct synth that you may not have seen in the past years from other brands. The Minilogue is certainly attractive. Even if it may look like a virtual analog, its signal path is a genuine analog. This attracts a lot of interest and attention among musicians. Let’s get to know more about this instrument in this Korg Minilogue review, and see why we put it on the list of best digital pianos.

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korg minilogue review

The Korg Minilogue has plenty of features as an instrument. However, it has its own limitations as well. You first have to understand if this instrument can fully satisfy your needs as a musician before you decide to purchase one. But if you can spare a few hundred dollars, the Minilogue is actually a good instrument to have, especially if you like experimenting with different sounds. Take a look at some of the features of the Korg Minilogue in this review so that you can assess if you are a perfect fit for this fascinating instrument.

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The Minilogue is a digital hybrid polysynth. It is a four-voice analog, mono-timbral, single channel synth that has several monophonic and duophonic options for you to choose from. Each of the voices can give you two VCOs along with white noise, and audio VCA, and a low-pass VCF. All of these are modulated by an LFO which is digitally generated. It is also shaped by dual ADSR envelopes that are also digitally generated. The Minilogue has a simple yet classic architecture when it comes to its voice.

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korg minilogue

The instruments oscillators have four-octave settings. These are the 2′, 4′, 8′, and 12′. You can apply the settings when each of the oscillator’s knobs is set to zero. You also have to set the global octave switch to the middle, between the five positions. The sounds of the Minilogue have a range of subsonic if you hit the bottom end, and at the top, you get almost supersonic. You will get this even if you are just limited to the instrument’s three-octave keyboard.

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In choosing a waveform, you can only select one for an oscillator at a time. However, you can do waveshaping for each of the waveforms that you choose. You can apply this manually using the Shape knobs. It can also be done through the LFO for more dynamic effects.


The four voices’ outputs are being summed in voice modes before they pass to the output section. In operating these modes, you won’t have a hard time. An example here is that Poly is the mode for four-voice polyphonic. Unison is the mode that will play all of the four voices under one key. Arp will invoke the arpeggiator. Other modes are not very obvious though, but you will learn them as you go along and discover what the Minilogue has to offer.

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Korg Minilogue has 200 memories. There are 100 preset sounds that you will not be able to overwrite. And then there are 100 user memories. You can spend a lot of time going through the 100 present sounds so that you will know the capabilities of the instrument. You can check the variety of polyphonic and monophonic roles of the Minilogue.

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Once you are done with the 100 preset sounds, you can learn about loading the panel setting to the edit buffer. There, you can start programming different monophonic patches. You will be fascinated by what you can create. You can make various types of single-oscillator patches. There are basses, leads, flutes, brass, and so much more that the Minilogue can provide.

As you play with the Korg Minilogue, you will discover how flexible it can be. You may even be surprised to find hidden functions of the instrument when you use the Shift key. Once you get your own Minilogue, it will only be a matter of time until you get familiar with all its inner workings and features.

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korg minilogue specs


You may notice that the Minilogue has slim keyboards. Korg explains that this is a form factor that allows the Minilogue to be compatible with most of the studio environments where there is less space. The makers emphasize that the Minilogue is not about being a go-to master synth. Rather, it is about being able to provide top-quality analog sound to different players as well as studio spaces.

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For its affordable price and many features as a polysynth, the Korg Minilogues’ slim keyboards are something that you can overlook. If you don’t like slim keyboards, the Korg may have had shortcomings with that design. Nonetheless, they do guarantee that the sounds that you can create with the Minilogue will be superb.


  • Dimensions: 24.4x6x16.6 inches
  • Weight: 0.16 ounces

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  • Fully programmable with 100 sounds and 200 program memories
  • Powerful and flexible analog synthesizer with four voices
  • Has oscilloscope function for showing waveforms


  • Since it is an analog synth, the oscillators may go out of tune from time to time
  • May not be ideal for live performances
  • Most likely limited to studio or home use

Wrapping it up

You will be impressed with the Minilogue from Korg once you try playing it. It is an innovative instrument with voice modes that allow you to extend the instrument’s possibilities beyond what is usually expected of a synth. There is much to discover from the Korg Minilogue as compared to other simpler models of four-voice polysynths. It is only up to you to experiment with this instrument. The more you play it, the more features you will uncover.

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The sound that the Minilogue produces is excellent even if it is small. It is compact and will look good in your home or studio. As for the price, this instrument is very affordable in comparison to other similar models. At a reasonable price, you get to have a miniature keyboard with four analog voices in a style that is appealing. You will definitely have fun creating different kinds of music with this instrument from Korg.

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