roland fa 06 review

Roland FA 06 Review

The Roland FA 06 is a keyboard workstation that you can take on the road if you are playing gigs. It only weighs at around five kilos so it is very portable. The FA 06 offers a wide range of ...
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roland rd 2000 review

Roland RD 2000 Review

The Roland RD 2000 has set a new standard when it comes to digital pianos. The core sounds that this model produces are superb. Apart from that, it is also packed with other sounds such as synth, acoustic, and electric, ...
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korg b1 review

Korg B1 Review

Korg is known to produce high-quality but inexpensive digital pianos. If you want to learn how to play but still not sure if you can commit 100%, spending money on a pricey digital piano that you are not sure you ...
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korg minilogue review

Korg Minilogue Review

Korg is one of the top manufacturers of synths. The Korg Minilogue is one of their best models today. It has a swept control panel along with a very stylish look. It is a distinct synth that you may not ...
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roland fp 30 review

Roland FP 30 Review

Roland musical instruments are known to be of high quality. They have been making musical instruments for years and seem to have perfected the features and play-feel that musicians are looking for in an instrument. If you are looking for ...
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yamaha p115 review

Yamaha P115 Review

For anyone who dreams of having their own digital piano that can play beautifully, the Yamaha P115 is an option to consider. This model is more affordable compared to other digital pianos, yet it can produce the same quality of ...
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