Roland FA 06 Review

The Roland FA 06 is a keyboard workstation that you can take on the road if you are playing gigs. It only weighs at around five kilos so it is very portable. The FA 06 offers a wide range of sounds and effects. It is among its many features that are most appealing to any musician who loves to play for a live audience. Let’s get to know more about this keyboard workstation in this Roland FA 06 review. There’s good reason why it’s on our list of best digital pianos.

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roland fa 06 review

 How does the FA 06 sound?

The FA 06 keyboard workstation has INTEGRA-7 sounds. This feature includes PCM and SuperNatural synth sound types. It can create a wide cross-section of imaginary, synthetic, and real tones. You can even add more through Roland’s Axial site. However, there are over two thousand kinds of tones to choose from so that may keep you busy for a long while.

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The sounds of the FA 06 has a convenient arrangement in sections of ten types right under your main screen. It starts with percussions, and then pianos, going to organs, and bass, and then pads, and many more. The design and architecture of the Roland FA 06 are quite simple. The tones or sounds have a grouping of sixteen-part studio sets.  Each part of this set is one tone. It is called a sixteen-part multitimbral setup.


The sounds of the percussion are, as you would expect it to be, have an arrangement in kits. These kits have a range of rock kits going to the dance kits, and then to the esoteric kits. These percussion sounds got you covered. You do have to check and be careful with the bass levels because the depth of sound that this keyboard workstation makes is quite significant.

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Rolan has been known to excellent tone modules through the years and they seem to have perfected this craft. You can expect that the sounds that the FA 06 can produce are of great quality. When it comes to the organ sounds, it will sound realistic and with a good sense of depth.

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With the bass sounds, it has that rich bottom end. The FA 06’s real-time parameter knobs also shine here. The first two being assigned to resonance and filter. This is where the sound’s impact is. The makers of FA 06 have packed it with the synth as well as a lot of heritage acid bass sounds. As for the acoustic sounds such as the Nylon bass, you will notice that it stands out, too.

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The FA 06’s synth sounds are excellent. There is also a huge selection of them for you to experiment with. This feature of this keyboard workstation is its sonic strength. This section is where the majority of this model’s sounds can be found. The synth of the FA 06 leans towards dance music so if you like creating this kind of music, you will surely enjoy this keyboard workstation.

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The effects that you can play with on the FA 06 are worth noting. You can edit effect on each of the keyboard workstation’s sixteen parts. There are sixty-seven effects for tones. You can even add some EQ and reverb to your Studio Set. It is very easy to do. You can edit and make changes there. It is an exciting feature that you will have fun discovering and playing with.

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roland fa 06 specifications

Performance Sounds

With the Roland FA 06, you have numerous sounds that can be stacked together and be played simultaneously. It can also be split across your keyboard. You will definitely get some great sounds with this feature especially if you are a live player. Being able to split the sounds across your keyboard gives you more flexibility while on stage.

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  • Mobile, light, and portable.
  • More than two thousand sounds from the INTEGRA-7.
  • Has a 16-track sequencer along with a non-stop loop, making your recording and song building easy.


  • Doesn’t have great keyboard action, more like a stage synth.
  • May not have complex articulations and inner voices for nuanced playing.

roland fa 06


  • Dimensions: 11.8x4x39.7 inches
  • Weight: 12.57 lbs.

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Wrapping it up

The Roland FA 06 is a great keyboard station to use. It offers good value for its price. You will surely have a lot of fun discovering its many features and using them in creating your music. The intuitive design of the FA 06 makes it very easy and convenient to play with.

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