Roland FP 30 Review

Roland musical instruments are known to be of high quality. They have been making musical instruments for years and seem to have perfected the features and play-feel that musicians are looking for in an instrument. If you are looking for an electronic keyboard, Roland has produced the FP30 which is among the best digital pianos today. For its price and quality, it won’t disappoint. Let’s get to know more about this digital piano in this Roland FP 30 review, and see why we just had to put it on our list of best digital pianos.

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Now, Roland are by no means without competition here. There are companies such as Casio, Korg, Nord, Kawai, Yamaha, Kurzweil, to name a few, which have great products. From the Yamaha Arius 88 key digital piano, Yamaha DGX series, to the Casio Privia and the Nord Stage, there’s no shortage of choices. However, Roland have been in the game long enough to know a few things, and the piano is absolutely great.

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If you have owned a Roland digital piano before, you already know that it is a very reliable piece of musical instrument. You can spend many, many hours of playing blissfully. With the FP 30, Roland made sure that you get to have a realistic-sounding piano. It also has electric piano sounds along with an amazing internal speaker. The speaker is found on the underside of the digital piano which filters through a vent at the instrument’s back edge. Playing with the FP 30 will be a fantastic experience.

roland fp 30 review

Since the Roland FP 30 is a stage piano, much attention is paid to its portability as well as its play-feel rather than the aesthetics. You can get it in either black or white. You also have the option for other accessories such as a pedal board and stand. This is a great addition to the instrument’s functionality if you plan on using it at home or at your studio. The stand has a basic design. However, for its price, it’s already a good deal.

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Weighted Keys

Playing with the FP 30 will feel as though you are playing a real acoustic piano. You may even think that it exceeds the technology that Yamaha has on their digital pianos. Once you start playing with this instrument, you will agree that this digital piano from Roland has an excellent play-feel as well as sound.

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The weight of the FP 30’s keys gives you a real sense of control just like you would with a genuine piano. There is a catch though. These realistic weighted keys add the instrument’s overall weight. It is not light at all and it may be a challenge to transport them from gig to gig. It is much better to be used at home or at your studio.


As what you can expect from the musical instruments produced by Roland, the sound that you will make with the FP 30 is marvelous. It is dynamic and full of character. You will love playing this digital piano. The model has a sound engine incorporated with multiple dynamic sampling. You can expect this all throughout the instrument’s full expanse.

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The main difference that the Roland digital pianos have compared with its competitions is its touch sensitivity. This links directly to the sample triggered. This is different from Yamaha models, for example. With Yamaha digital pianos, the same pitch sample triggered will be used at a higher or lower volume depending on the play’s weight.

You may already know that the acoustic color of a note played, be it harder or softer, is different when it comes to playing an acoustic instrument. The acoustic harmonics and the overtones are going to be different. It is not just a matter of softer or louder. Rather, it is about the subtle differences in the note’s character.

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roland fp30 review

It is easy to say that these harmonics are not really noticeable to the human ear. However, they do give some addition to the sound’s recognizable character. If you play a soft note on the FP 30, it will trigger a note that is softly played from its sample library. It won’t be just another generic sample of a pitch that is being played a bit more quietly.

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With this feature, Roland is able to provide a genuine realism to how you play the FP 30. Each of the instrument’s pitch has five sample levels, giving you dynamic control when playing.


The keys of the FP 30 are just like those of higher-end models from Roland which is synthetic ivory. It will be a delight to touch. The instrument’s body is made of durable plastic. It is reliable and sturdy. It can even endure the occasional hard knocks, especially while you are on your gigs.

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The FP 30 has headphone outputs such as a mini-jack and a 1/4 inch output. You will find this addition to be really handy. You can also connect to a PA with the 1/4 inch output LINE connectors.

An optional pedal board and stand for your instrument is also available. The stand is adequate for its function. As for the pedal board, you get a sustain/damper, sostenuto, and soft pedal.


The instrument has eight buttons at the top panel, above the keys. These buttons will light up when you press them. It will be easy to identify which of the sounds is selected and being played. When it comes to the volume key, it has a five-light gauge that can indicate the overall volume of the digital piano. It is a handy feature. The FP 30 has three tone buttons that give you the option to play two varying sounds with the digital piano divided into two parts.

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roland fp 30


The FP 30’s connectivity features are quite limited. It doesn’t have a connection with 5 pin DIN MIDI. But don’t worry about that since this only matter if you need to connect the instrument to vintage equipment. If it is necessary for you, there are always connector adapters available that are also affordable.

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As is a standard for most digital pianos, it has a USB MIDI. You can connect to a DAW, giving you the opportunity to use your instrument for countless possibilities in your studio setup. The FP 30 has a Bluetooth facility so you can connect to apps on your iPhone such as GarageBand. You can use the digital piano as a MIDI controller for the onboard sounds of the apps. You can then connect via Bluetooth to the speakers of the FP 30.


Dimensions:55.2×17.2×12 inches
Weight: 43.3 lbs.

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  • Gives you an authentic piano feel
  • Has powerful stereo speakers
  • Has built-in Bluetooth for convenient connectivity


  • Speakers point downwards, giving it a somewhat muffled sound
  • There are cases where the keys rattle or make noises.

Wrapping it up

Overall, the Roland FP 30 is a great instrument to have. For its price, there is already a lot of functionality and features included. All these features would be nothing though if the play-feel isn’t as realistic and excellent. It’s a good thing that the FP 30 has both. If you earn your living through gigs, this instrument is a good investment. If you are still learning and practicing how to play, this digital piano is also a wonderful option. You get so many features at a very affordable price.

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Getting a real acoustic piano can be very costly. It is a good thing that today, we have several options when it comes to digital pianos. The Roland FP 30 is definitely an excellent choice if you want the feeling of playing a genuine acoustic piano. It is affordable and offers many convenient features that will help you in moving forward towards your musical pursuits. The FP 30 will be a great addition to your music station or studio. You will surely have fun playing with it for many hours.

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