Roland RD 2000 Review

The Roland RD 2000 has set a new standard when it comes to digital pianos. The core sounds that this model produces are superb. Apart from that, it is also packed with other sounds such as synth, acoustic, and electric, among the many. You won’t find a bad sound here. It has plenty of other features. Let’s take a closer look at them in this Roland RD 2000 review, and see why it’s on our list of best digital pianos.

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Features and sounds

This digital piano has an organ mode that has rotary simulation and drawbar control. You can also connect it to your computer easily. There the model has extensive layering and splitting. It’s MIDI capabilities have enough depth. You can say that the RD 2000 is a great digital piano both for studio work and the professional stage.

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roland rd 2000 review

Although the Roland RD 2000 has two sound engines, you will actually get three clusters of sounds. The first one is tagged as “MD” in the digital piano’s display. These ten sounds are different acoustic pianos. The second cluster is “SN” or SuperNatural. With this sound cluster, you have classic organs, clavs, electric pianos, and so much more.

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The third cluster is everything else such as drum kits, all kinds of synths, basses, pads, brass, and strings. This cluster does not have a tag, but it is conveniently categorized into sub-groups. You will enjoy putting music together with all the sounds that the Roland RD 2000 provides.


There are three effects, the Zone effects, global reverb and delay, and a master compressor which you can find in the system menu. With the Zone effects, you can apply it to the internal tone which is hosted by a particular zone, amp sims, separate tremolo, as well as cover modulation. This digital piano is capable of processing four internal zones and migrating it into a scene or program without any changes in the effects.

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roland rd-2000 reviews

Also included in the Zone effects are renditions of the CE-1 chorus of the Roland and Boss hardware. It also has SDD-320 digital delay as well as Echo tape delay among the many. You will find that these effects have remained true to the original. As for the global reverb and delay, as with almost everything about this digital piano, it is excellent.


The RD 2000 has XLR main outputs which definitely makes this model a pro digital piano. It has a pair of 1/4 inch outs. And then there is another aux output that you can use to send a rhythm track with. With the MIDI Thru, it can act as your second output. This is a great feature especially if you require any control over the hardware synths.

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roland rd 2000

This digital piano has an analog audio input. It is a stereo mini jack that you can use for connecting a music player. There isn’t any way of routing external audio through the RD 2000’s synth engine or its effects. However, you may route your second digital piano or keyboard with the use of a Y-cable. This will spare you from having to carry along a mixer.

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With MIDI, the RD 2000 is plug and play. If you want to use your USB audio though, you will have to download a driver from the support pages of Roland. Once you are there, take note of the steps and then follow them in that exact order. It is also necessary to set the digital piano’s driver to “vendor” in the system menu. After that, perform a system write so that it will remain that way.

You can then stream the stereo audio with resolutions that are up to 96kHz or 24-bit, along with input gain on its 9th fader. With all these features, the RD 2000 is an absolutely stunning master keyboard for your gigs. There are so many programs like MainStage. You can conveniently leave behind your audio interface.

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  • Well-designed digital piano modeled after an acoustic piano
  • Plenty of character and realism with the electric pianos
  • Individual drawbar control for the organs


  • No Aftertouch on the keys
  • Doesn’t have sync to¬†an external MIDI clock
  • Could have done better implementation in the drawbar-organ mode


  • Dimensions: 55.8×14.5×5.7 inches
  • Weight: 48 lbs.

Wrapping it up

There is no other term that can best describe the Roland RD 2000 that “professional.” A lot of digital pianos claim to be one, but none can come as close as this model. If you spend a huge amount of time playing digital pianos, be it at home, with your band, or at your studio, the RD 2000 is both reliable and powerful. It can surely take your creativity and musical endeavors to the next level.

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If you make a living from your music, the RD 2000 is a good investment. It can provide you with all the features that you need from a digital piano and more. It offers great value for its price. And as with all Roland instruments, you can expect the RD 2000 to play excellently.

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