Yamaha P115 Review

For anyone who dreams of having their own digital piano that can play beautifully, the Yamaha P115 is an option to consider. This model is more affordable compared to other digital pianos, yet it can produce the same quality of music as that of professional pianos. This is because the P115 has the GHS weighted key action feature. With this feature, you can play this digital piano like you would an acoustic piano. It is lighter on the lower ends and then heavier at the higher ends. Get to know more about the different features of this model in this Yamaha P115 review. It tops our list of best digital pianos, let’s see why.

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Yamaha has quite a few models in this market, from the Arius 88 key digital piano, to the Yamaha DGX series and the Yamaha DGX 650, to the Yamaha PSR series. They’re all great options for an electric piano. There are also other brands and options, such as Korg, Casio, with the Casio Celviano or the Casio Privia, Kawai, Kurzweil, Nord, with the Nord Stage, Nord Stage 2, and even the Nord Stage 2 EX. However, even with this many brands and models to compete with, the P115 manages to stand out.

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The P115 is a designed after the Yamaha CFIIIS which is a concert grand piano. That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised if you read a lot of good reviews about this digital piano among the community of musicians all over the globe. Apart from that, the P115 has a Controller App. With this feature, you can do a lot of things with your digital piano without even going near it. You just have to connect your iPhone or iPad with the use of the USB to HOST port.

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When it comes to amplifying the speakers built into the digital piano, you should know that one of the great things about the P115 is that it doesn’t need a lot of amplification if you are only going to use it at home. However, if you still want to connect your digital piano to speakers, it is easily possible through the headphone to AUX headphone 1/4 jack or the AUX OUT. This will not cut out your speakers.

yamaha p115

What to know about the Yamaha P115?

Yamaha is among the top-notch producers of musical instruments in the world. They have successfully produced a wide variety of musical instruments over the past decades. You can expect the P115 to be equally superb as its maker.

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One of the first few things that you will probably notice about this model is its keys’ Graded Hammer Standard. This model is among the first to have this feature. If you compare playing the P115 to a real piano, you will notice that each of the 88 keys have the same weight and resistance. It would be just like playing an acoustic piano.

yamaha p115 review

When you press the lower keys, you will get that distinct springy action. And then when you move towards the higher notes, you will feel that the keys are heavier. If the feel of the keys is important to you and how you play your piano, you will surely appreciate the P115 for having the same feel as a real piano. Cheaper models will never be able to give you the same satisfaction as what the P115 is ready to offer.

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How well does it play?

When it comes to the notes that the P115 can produce, you may feel that the piano has the tendency to falter on the higher ends. This becomes more apparent if you hit repetitions that are above 120. But you have to consider that many of the digital pianos that are priced below $1000 have this tendency.

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But don’t worry, if you think about it, you will rarely be needing that high note. And for those occasions that you do need it, it is often not alone. In terms of sound quality, this digital piano will be able to satisfy you fully. You can easily turn the volume to its maximum and then switch the touch sensitivity to normal and just like that, you have an acoustic piano.

If you are going to use headphones, you should reduce the piano’s volume. You wouldn’t want to damage your eardrums. The Yamaha P115 has several effects and voices as well. But don’t expect as many as that of a Casio ensemble. With Yamaha, they prefer to focus on the quality rather than the quantity. But if you do need both, Yamaha has the DGX650. But as you may already suspect, this one is a lot pricier, too.

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The Yamaha P115 is a great choice for intermediate learners. If you are a beginner, you can also choose this model especially if you need an actual piano but are looking for something not as expensive as an acoustic piano. The P115 get the job done when it comes to sounding and feeling like an acoustic piano, with added features, of course.

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This model offers great value for its price. One more thing you have to know about the P115 is that it is quite big and heavy. It will definitely benefit you if you have a piano stand or a permanent area where you can place your digital piano.


  • Even if the P115’s construction is mostly made of plastic, it is solid, sturdy, and heavy. It is sure to be durable so you shouldn’t worry about it.
  • It has auxiliary connections for headphones and speakers. You can use the built-in speakers and your headphones at the same time.
  • You will find the keys amazing. However, you may need to get used to it a bit especially if you have not used a digital piano will fully-weighted keys before.
  • You can expect top-notch sound signature from the P115. It is as good as a performance stage piano. If you need to use it for a performance, it is recommended that you get a pair of speakers that are of good quality so that the sound may be properly amplified.
  • When you purchase the Yamaha P115, you also get three years complete warranty coverage.

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  • You may have some challenge attaching the sheet music holder.
  • It has 6.5mm headphone jacks and not 3.5mm ones.
  • The USB to HOST port included with the digital piano is obsolete already. The latest iPads and iPods won’t be able to connect with it.
  • While the speakers of the Yamaha P115 are great for home use, it is not ideal if you are planning to use it for performance.
  • It may not be very affordable for beginners. But for intermediate players, this is a good catch.


  • The P115 has a Pure CF Sound Engine which is designed after the CFIIIS 9 Yamaha Grand Piano which is a concert grand piano.
  • It has a Graded Hammer Standard or GHS. This key action mechanism allows you to feel as if you are playing real acoustic piano keys. The weight of the keys varies as you move from the lower end towards the higher end. This feature is important especially if you are learning to play an acoustic piano but don’t want to spend too much on one.
  • The tweeters are placed in such a way that you can naturally hear each sound signature on both sides. What you get is a great stereo experience from the P115’s built-in speakers.
  • The Digital Piano Controller allows you to perform various functions with the use of your iPhone or iPad. You can manipulate voices, rhythms, and others.
  • There are various built-in rhythms that you can select. There are drum rhythms, rock shuffles, as well as swing beats, among others.
  • When you purchase this model, you also get an exclusive three-year warranty for labor and parts. However, you will only get this warranty if you bought the P115 from an authorized dealer.

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Wrapping it up

Some would think that the Yamaha P115 is a superb learning instrument for beginners or intermediates. However, it is not a performance-grade instrument. This really depends on the one using the P115. It can very well be a good on stage piano for as long as you match it will quality speakers.

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When it comes to the features of this digital piano such as the sound quality, action, and keys, you can expect that it is excellent, just like other instruments produced by Yamaha. As for the price, the P115 offers you an amazing deal considering all of its features and its superb quality.

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